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AngularJS is going to be released soon!

Last year, I was working, with my friend, on a prototype of an application using AngularJS. The AngularJS project’s goal is, in few words, to make a web browser a full-featured application environment. Miško Hevery (do I have to introduce him?), AngularJS project founder describes the project like this:

What HTML would have been had it been designed for web apps.

At that time, Angular team was developing 0.9 branch. That was my first attempt to create a real client-side application working in browser environment. Web Server is providing only application code (including static markup templates) and data. There is no server-side HTML generation.

That was just a prototype of an application, unfortunately the project never fired up. Too bad, but I do not regret, because I gained a new experience.

One year passed. During that period, I was following the AngularJS project almost non stop. I really like the way it is growing, together with great community. Right now (beginning of February, 2012) the AngularJS team is working on the final 0.10.x release, which according to the schedule, is going to be the release candidate of the long-awaited version 1.0.

Since few weeks, I am a tech-leading brand new project at Espeo Software. AngularJS plus Java back-end (my prototype used Java EE 6, but the one picked for this project is backed by Spring Framework 3.1). I think it is nice opportunity to share some tips (or tricks?) with you.

I do not have any agenda, but in my next blog entry, I would like to cover authentication and authorization. I will describe how am I dealing with it on the server and client-side. Stay tuned :)

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